Top 5 Use of Computer in Various Fields.

Role of computer

The computer plays an important role in modern society and it has changed it in many ways It is the best invention ever made in the history of modern technology. It has brought advancement in various fields of life 


The role of Computers in Education has been given a lot of importance in recent years. Computer Technology eases the process of learning. Many programs are available for students to learn the subject of physics, mathematics, Chemistry, Biology etc. Multimedia Software makes the process of learning interactive and interesting. It combines text, graphics, sounds and Videos for effective learning. The Internet has a piece of enormous information on a wide variety of subjects. Students can refer to the internet to find information on any topic. Nowadays Computers with multimedia projectors are being used in the classroom for effective teaching. All the activities related to examinations are also controlling using computers. Therefore, it plays an important role in Education. Today, computer education is a part of curricula from elementary to university level use of computers in education. 


Computers are used in all types of business to improve productivity. They help in running business activities efficiently. They are used to prepare business documents, reports, charts, presentations, invoices, etc. They help in staying in contact with employees and customers.

The following are some important business areas where computers are used.

1:Computer technology has revolutionized the banking business. Deposit and withdrawals are instantly logged into a customers account. Accurate monthly bank statements are generated with the help of a computer. Computer Networks allow many bills to be transferred from the customer bank account to the STORE. People can obtain cash any time anywhere through an automated teller machine (ATM).

2: Computer is used in retail stores. Barcode readers are linked to the computer system that is used to read the barcode printed in each product sold to prepare the bill. With the use of computers at retail stores, the checkout process is faster and the bill produced is accurate 

3:Electronic commerce also knows as e-commerce allows the sale of products and services by means of computer networks such as the internet.

4:Computer are very helpful in running many other types of business that include hotels, hospitals, travel agencies, real estate, stock exchange, etc.


Computers have a lot of applications in print and electronic media. Print Media refers to mass communication through printed material. Computer technology helps in the production of newspapers, magazines, booklets and brochures, flyers, press releases and books. Electronic Media refers to broadcast media that includes ratio broadcast, cable and satellite television broadcast and new-age media like the internet and mobile devices. 


There are various applications of computer technology in defence. Computers are used in tanks, planes and ships to target enemy forces. They help in tracking missiles and destroying them. Modern defence weapons and other equipment are controlled by computers. Computers are used for designing and testing weapons. A computer is also used in a communication system in defence.


Nowadays, computer technology is widely used in the manufacturing industry. It has improved the accuracy, quality and speed of manufacturing. Computers are used for product design and automation of manufacturing processes in factories. This is known as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer-Aider Manufacturing (CAM). CAD involves the use of computer hardware and graphics software to create product designs. CAM involve the use of computer in planning and management of production operation. It helps in automatically producing finished products. CAD/CAM technology has been applied in many industries, including automobile, electronics, machine components, textiles, fashion, etc.

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