Will Google invest $1 Billion In Africa.


On Gregorian calendar month vi, 2021, at the Google for the continent event, Google CEO Sundar Pichai declared the corporate can invest $1 billion incontinent. The investment is for the length of five years and can cowl initiatives starting from improved property to finance in start-ups.   

The investments area unit aimed toward supporting Africa’s digital transformation in areas such as:
  • Enabling access to the web and building merchandise for African users.
  • Helping businesses to realize digital transformation
  • Investing in entrepreneurs to spur next-generation technologies
  • Supporting non-profits operating to enhance lives across the continent. 
Google CEO conjointly explicit that the corporate plans to partner with African governments, policymakers, educators, and varied businesses. 

Before now, Google has contributed greatly to the event of technology and innovation incontinent. it's compacted the continent in various ways that since the institution of its offices incontinent.

The company has enabled over a hundred million Africans to access the web and has authorised uncountable businesses and creators with digital tools to accelerate their growth.   

Google has conjointly targeted majorly on increasing opportunities through developing digital skills. As such, Google supported immeasurable Africans to develop skills required to grow their career and business.

Thousands of developers from everywhere continent have received coaching from Google and the band therefore the and conjointly the company has also supported dozens of start-ups to boost required funding to support their innovations.

To achieve the goal of finding challenges relevant to the continent and also the world at massive, Google opened an associate degree AI analysis centre in the national capital, Ghana in 2018. additionally, Google has conjointly developed merchandise like robot Go and Files move to make sure that everybody will have good smartphone expertise. On YouTube, black content creators area unit supported by the Google Black Voices Fund.

With this declared $1 billion investment, Google hopes to still support the expansion of technologies and innovation in the continent whereas making job opportunities for Africans.

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